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The Journey Starts Here

My greatest desire is to become a mom, and to learn how to be the best mom I can be.  Unfortunately, our journey to pregnancy hasn't been as straight forward as we had hoped.  Read about our struggles with our ectopic pregnancy, and how we got through it together.  We found hope in our darkest days, and we know that our journey to parenthood is just beginning.

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Chapter 3: The Scare

When you receive the methotrexate injections to treat an ectopic pregnancy, they tell you that there will be ‘mild pain’ and that if the...

Chapter 2: The Treatment

Driving to the hospital, Daniel began crying. I held his hand and asked him what was wrong. He said, “it’s just a sad situation. I’m just...

Chapter 1: The Diagnosis

“I can’t see anything in your uterus.” Her words still ring in my ears. Where’s my baby? Maybe it’s just difficult to see her? I’m sure...

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